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Philly Blocks is the Hottest New Artist Coming Out Of Kentucky

"Philly Blocks" is back at it making moves and giving his fans that heat, especially with this new visual installment packed with back to back bars about the ups & downs of hood life in Louisville affectionately titled the "Day's Of Our Lives."

Philly Blocks is on a hot streak and making collaborations with fellow Team 563 artists Cino fresh & Real deal Lock. Philly keeps his plate full. Hes either making moves on his daily grind, or grindin out classics in the booth. Philly is here to give his fans what they came for." Days of Our lives is shot by the visual powerhouse " Courtesy of Creme." Constantly making music videos into movies!

So hit play and let this cinematic Philly Blocks visual give you a better perspective of the ups and downs of life in the hood in Kentucky. Then Keep up With Philly Blocks & The 563 movement


Philly Blocks (@PhillyBlocks) "Days Of Our Lives"


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