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Expecto Patronum! Nardean Releases A Bewitching Music Video For ‘MAGIC!’

“Nardean combines her middle-eastern roots with smart-thinking lyrical work and melodies that feel remarkably fresh,” Pilerats

“Poised with an unwavering honesty and an unapologetic attitude,” REDBULL MUSIC “She’s a unique voice that’s only growing louder,” Purple Sneakers

In time for the Halloween season, Egyptian-Australian artist Nardean creates a world of spellbinding happiness in her new bewitching music video for ‘MAGIC!’ featuring Heirloome.

Whether a cheering charm has been cast or it is simply Nardean’s alluring and infectious energy, ‘MAGIC!’ is a tune that can get any muggle dancing. Magnetised with positive energy and magical vibes, the music video pays tribute to Harry Potter and features Nardean and her friends as B-grade character spin-offs on a creatively cheesy handmade Hogwarts set by 376 Films.

Beyond the love every kid had for Harry Potter growing up, Nardean had a deeper connection with the Wizarding World franchise.

“I decided to make this video because I am sort of (very) obsessed with Harry Potter. Growing up in a really strict family, I felt like such an alien. I was the little creative child and everyone else was an engineer or doctor. I could really relate with Harry. I loved the idea that maybe life didn't need to be terrible and boring, maybe there could be magic! Fast forward a few years, I started making music and turns out life could be magic!”

Produced by Stackhat, ‘MAGIC!’ sees Nardean effortlessly blend infectious life- affirming lyrics and bouncy, golden-era beats to forge her very own brand of unapologetic positivity. It features the enchanting vocals of Nardean’s best friend and ex-housemate Heirloome, and was written on the back porch of their place in Earlwood, Sydney.

Nardean will be doing a string of shows, performing at The Beresford on the 8th November with Clarissa Mei and A.Girl as support, The Campbelltown Arts Centre on 23rd November for the Conscious Artist Showcase, and in Melbourne on the 30th of November for Blue Black Beatz Festival.




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