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Maryland based rap artist Kabir is using music as a therapy to overcome PTSD and Bipolar disorder

Kabir is an aspiring, and talented new artist born in the city of Hyattsville, Maryland. He has released his brand new and explicit song titled “Big Racks”, on all major music platforms including Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon music among others. The song features promising vocals by the artist and a good quality sound production. Despite being diagnosed with PTSD and Bipolar Disorder, he is following his passion to become a successful rap artist, while using music as a personal form of therapy. “Music is a way for me to channel my inner emotions and feelings,” says Kabir.

Currently residing in the DMV area around Maryland, D.C., and Virginia, Kabir is actively creating music and developed an interest in Rap and Hip-Hop music in his early childhood. “First rap album I ever purchased was its dark and hell is hotby DMX after I heard it for the first time and it liberated me. I felt like there was someone who could relate to my reality, the combination of the 2 made me went to create music,” says Kabir.

His journey into the Rap world began with his brother L.A. Webber in New York, where they both started recording in their uncle’s basement. In the following few years, Kabir discovered his strengths in music and started merging rap, song and harmonies to create a new kind of sound that grabbed the attention of the rap music fans. His love for art can be seen in the music he produces, which encompasses great finesse and craft while making a bold and powerful statement.

With every track he creates, Kabir hopes to invoke feelings of the listeners, regardless of it is good or bad but should touch the emotional strings. Inspired by artists like DMX, Beanie, Tupac, Lil Wayne, and others, Kabir believes in creating unapologetic songs that give a feeling of liberation. Having faced a lot of challenges in life, he wants to convey a message to the world to ‘never give up on yourself, your beliefs and your dreams’. He further adds, “Don’t limit yourself and grind when everyone else’s is resting. Find confidence in learning from setbacks along the journey it’s a process. Celebrate the small wins.”

Kabir is currently creating music as an independent artist but is open to a partnership that would bring forward a broader network to reach more heights in the music industry.

Listen to Kabir’s latest track “Big Racks” on this LINK.

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