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YSN Trapp Is The Rapper to "Put His City On The Map"

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

YSN Trapp is the rapper to “put the city on the map” for Columbus, GA with his catalog of bangers he has dropped over this past year. YSN Trapp has recently been added to the March Madness show in Columbus, GA with Megan the Stallion. His rapping comes from the heart, and from the streets, as shown in his most recent project “Heart of the Ghetto.” YSN Trapp has been featured on multiple radio stations and performances around Columbus, GA and the Tri-City area including Phenix City, AL.

YSN Trapp has created a collaborative of YSN rappers including YSN Solid, YSN Savage, and YSN Blacc Hefe, and YSN Trapp is endorsing more young artists for his movement. YSN Trapp has an abundance of visual projects and mixtapes for having just debuted in 2019 and is the hottest artist in Columbus, GA for 2020. YSN Trapp has collaborated with KOSMODIDIT, the hottest videographer in Columbus, GA. KOSMODIDIT and YSN Trapp have released over 10 visuals together in 2019 and have more heat coming for 2020. YSN Trapp just released his most recent mixtape in December 2019 “Everything 2x” with popular tracks including “Killumbus,” “Everything 2x,” Stunna 2x,” and “Stunna 4flow.” “Killumbus” and “Everything 2x” visuals will be dropping in the coming weeks and “Stunna 2x” and “Stunna 4flow” visuals can be found on KOSMODIDIT Youtube Channel. YSN Trapp is releasing another mixtape on February 14th 2020 and will continue to drop songs, videos, and other visual content.

“Heart of the Ghetto” released on January 10th 2020

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