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4HEES Drops New Album ‘Killing Spree’

Showcasing his artistic brilliance and unique production, 4HEES’ new album is an unforgettable journey through the realm of death trap and horrorcore

SAYREVILLE, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 9, 2023 – A glorious amalgamation of all the darkest genres, 4HEES’ newest album, “Killing Spree” is a dream come true for fans of dark core music. With a nihilistic and genre-bending approach, this album is a strategic fusion of deathcore, dark-trap, gangster-rap, nu-metal, and horrorcore.

A potentially trend-setting release, “Killing Spree” provides listeners with the unique experience of pushing the boundaries of violence in hip-hop with the use of abstract lyricism and storytelling.

Inspired by the likes of BONES, Hollywood Undead and Pop Smoke, this brilliant incorporation of numerous genres in a single album is entirely self-produced and recorded by 4HEES himself. Released on December 25th, 4HEES has specially curated “Killing Spree” for those who enjoy loud music that encompasses the body with angry, psychotic, and neurotic energy.

With ‘Dealer’s’ catchy chorus, ‘Terror’s’ defiant flow and “Vile”’s nihilistic lyrics, each track is more violent yet energizing than the last yet managing to remain catchy and upbeat.

4HEES himself describes his latest release as “the embodiment of the spirit of an 80’s slasher film villain mixed with modern-day drug dealer – you’ll feel like you’re going crazy listening to it!”

With this bold release, 4HEES hopes to inspire troubled listeners to pursue their artistic visions, let their voice be heard and leave their mark on the world, no matter how absurd it may seem to anyone else.

Stream 4HEES’ digital music on Spotify, SoundCloud and other official streaming platforms and contact him at for any collaborations or interviews. Follow the artist’s social media (Instagram and Twitter) for updates on new music, exciting news and media!


4HEES is a music producer and artist from Chicago, Illinois who now resides in New York City. He became acquainted with making music at a very young age with GarageBand and soon began learning basic music theory in high school, after which he picked up the guitar and bass. Six years ago, 4HEES began using the FL Studio 12 to focus on his music and began publishing his work during the 2020 pandemic. With a tragic backstory and a challenging childhood, his music now serves as an artistic outlet for his hardships and trauma.

Growing up listening to and inspired by hip-hop and metal artists such as Eminem, Wu-Tang Clan, Bullet for My Valentine, and Infant Annihilator, 4HEES now aims to be recognized for his ability to create art from the deepest pits a man can sink to and turn it into something enjoyable and creative. He describes his mission and purpose to make the most grotesque but fun songs to listen to, his latest album being the prime example of this.

Listeners can look forward to even more exciting yet nihilistic releases in the future that will top “Killing Spree” with more live instruments and catchier beats!


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