90’s Street Style Inspired Electronic, Hip Hop, and Soul Music - #HHOE

This new artist is set to make a mark with his distinct style

For most people, their music taste experiences drastic shifts and changes as they enter new life phases. For this artist, however, the story is a little different and unique. The story of the solo artist, Loc’in On The Shaw, goes back to his early teens, back in ’89, when American rapper Tone Loc’s album, ‘Loc’ed after Dark’ came out. This album profoundly impacted the artist’s music taste, particularly the song “Loc’in the Shaw”, the song title also giving birth to the unique artist name. Drawing inspiration from the first half of this song, the Loc’in On The Shaw has stuck to the raw, gritty, and unprocessed style in Tone Loc’s music and brought it into his own work.