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A Powerful Musical Imprint Rising through the Ranks: DOPEBOY D and BIRCH FAM RECORDS Set to Soar

Spearheading a musical movement, DOPEBOY D channels dynamism and pure talent, under the purview of stunning independent label, BIRCH FAM RECORDS

COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, November 30, 2021 - Sending ripples in the world of Hip Hop, R&B, and Rap, BIRCH FAM RECORDS’ eclectic and talented front-man, DOPEBOY D is driven to establish himself with his characteristic musical talents.

An independent label which is making noise and stealing the show, BIRCH FAM RECORDS was started by an inspirational individual, who had his 30-year sentence overturned- marking a change in his life’s trajectory.

Leading, guiding and propelling his label to the next level within the business world, DOPEBOY D’s project took flight in 2014, by him and his sister Tumika LaSha. Since then, DOPEBOY D and BIRCH FAM RECORDS have released 3 projects along with a hit single titled, “PARTY TIME”, which is out and streaming on his official music platforms.

Showcasing his unparalleled musical prowess in front of the world, the dynamic label has also piloted its youngest artist, Young Mojo through his debut single titled, “PULL UP, which features DOPEBOY D BIRCH.

DOPEBOY D BIRCH’s music is complemented by the likes of Mama B803, who is also coming out with her new mixtape titled, “Carolina Trap Queen “in spring. The multi-talented artist is simultaneously also working with talented young photographer ISIS X on appearances and publicity, and helping rising talents successfully build for themselves a brand as well as a polished portfolio and catalogue of music.

“I’m more of a laid-back person, [I] strategize, coming up with plans…the brand Birch Fam Records basically is a representation of myself as a product,” says DOPEBODY D BIRCH regarding his musical journey.

Drawing inspirations from the great individuals that came before him in the genre, the artist aspires to become a phenomenon in both the music industry, as well as in his business ventures.

Follow and subscribe to DOPEBODY D BIRCH’s channels and support, show some love, and spread the word throughout the music community. Follow the artist on Instagram at @dopeboyd843 or on his YouTube at DOPEBOY D BIRCH. For interviews, reviews, collaborations, bookings and features, contact him at


DOPEBOY D BIRCH is a rising powerhouse in the world of Rap, Hip Hop, and R&B. The talented singer-songwriter has been engrossed in creating his brand all his life- culminating his efforts in the launch of his independent music label, BIRCH FAM RECORDS.

He remains driven to pursue his goal of achieving success to the point where he can help others achieve success, while also building a successful platform that offers others opportunity to create their own brand.

BIRCH FAM RECORDS was independently designed and built in the memory of his mother, as a testament to the many struggles that she endures bringing his up, teaching him that through perseverance and Faith within God one can make it through anything. Teaching him the value of family and the importance of loving God, DOPEBOY D BIRCH remains indebted to her blood, sweat, and tears, which made him the person he is.


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01 gru 2021

he has a lot of potential

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