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Amagiri Young Is Taking Hip-Hop To Another Level With New Single Release

Amagiri Young is teaching other artists the meaning of good music with his latest release. “Love Over Hate” is not only music, for a story of life’s realities.

“Love Over Hate” is an emotional hip hop ballad about Amagiri’s world. He states: the song “details the struggles of the street life and how today’s generation is caught up in a world that promotes hate over love.” His lyrics tell this story in an unapologetic way with a strong bass line. The production value showcases Amagiri’s talent for the studio. “Love Over Hate” is available on streaming platforms worldwide.

Amagiri Young grew from adversity to become the rising music star he is today. When he is not cranking out hit beats, he is studying music business at Full Sail University. Amagirir also started his own clothing and record label in 2014.

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