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Amanda Bynes Gets Into Rap Game with 'Diamonds' Track - #HHOE

Amanda Bynes is now in the rap game … or so it seems, after she dropped a snippet of her new track.

The “She’s the Man” star posted a new track on Instagram dubbed “Diamonds” … in which she raps for around 12 seconds — “Diamonds, Diamonds on my neck, on my wrist” and so on. The track is only the second thing she’s posted to her 505k followers on Instagram.

She’s also got a rapper by the name of Precise on the track. It’s unclear when Amanda recorded the track or how serious she is about getting into the rap game, but back in June she rapped along to A$AP Rocky‘s “A$AP Forever.”

As you know … Amanda, who has been under conservatorship for the past 7 years, graduated from the prominent L.A. fashion school FIDM back in June 2019.

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