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Applauding Enjoying the Path to Success & Learning from Your Mistakes with Powerful Gospel

With his inspiring and captivating new single, aspiring artist Bigbabymusic is enthusiastic to channel his passion for Hip-Hop and Soul music

An up-and-coming singer and song writer, Bigbabymusic is sending ripples through the musical scene of Hip-Hop. Set to soar and make a name for himself in the musical industry, this rising artist is set to be the next big name in the world of World Music. With expressive lyrics that paint pictures across intoxicating beats and bluesy Gospel rhythms that meld into hip-hop soul, Bigbabymusic’s music is designed to shake the soul.

With the release of his much-awaited new song titled “Choices”, the eclectic artist highlights a wide range of vocal prowess and musical talents through unique beats and melodic flows that lure one’s true nature out. “Choices” is a product of instrumental beats and lyrics inspired by a number of popular artists and producers.

Through his latest releases, Bigbabymusic wishes to encourage his listeners to appreciate the journey to success and all the lessons they learn in the process. “Choices” focuses on the carefree, fun and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that one encounters in their journey to greatness and how important it is to make the right choices along the way and revel in these moments no matter what.

Check out Bigbabymusic’s new single and learn more about him on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, or promotional access.


Hailing from Galveston, Texas this up-and-coming singer and songwriter has always been captivated by music. Ever since he was a child first introduced to Hip-Hop, he knew this was the field he wanted to pursue and has been working towards it ever since. Driven by this dream and inspired by Gospel, Pop and World Music icons, Bigbabymusic is excited to share his music with the world.


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