Artist Jason Luv Goes Viral after Going Live on Tory Lanez Quarantine Radio

Jason Luv is an upcoming artist, specifically a hip-hop one that originates from Louisiana. Jason first started performing his songs and covering other popular tracks in various nightclubs in Miami. This is when he realized the potential in his ability to create music. He started to gain a lot of popularity in and around Miami and a lot more music clubs started asking for him.

This was the moment when he understood that he should turn this situation into a career and that is exactly what he did. However, he decided to play it smart. Jason did a lot more than just try to become a one-hit-wonder or to get popular as fast as possible. He believed that he would first need to understand how music is produced so that he could create an original and unique style of music.

That is the reason why he first started working as a producer for other artists and only after that he continued to chase his dream. However, to make a career out of this, Jason believed that he would have to spread his brand a lot wider than just Miami nightclubs. Which is why his first step was to sign a record deal with