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ATL Artist Solo Sammy Releases New Album "Baby Boy 3"

The numbers in hip-hop for top quality music have been on the downfall for quite some time. Unfortunately, the numbers seem to be rising once again, with upcoming Atlanta artist Solo Sammy making a significant impact with his signature style of rap. He sets the bar even higher than before with his versatile rap content and extraordinary wordplay in the new album "Baby Boy 3."

Solo Sammy was born in New Orleans, Louisiana, and later relocated to Atlanta when he was 9. Solo is not your ordinary artist as he brings a different style and energy to the music industry. The ATL native dropped his first project in 2018 titled Baby Boy, which is still spinning and calculating numbers. In 2020, Solo turned up the exposure by dropping four projects, including sequels to the aforementioned Baby Boy. "Baby Boy 3" places the listeners in Solo's world and gives them substances in songs such as "When I Was Alone" & "So Gone." The catchy single "Japan" catches the listener's attention with aggressive gun bars over melodic bells and synths.

Solo Sammy nurtures a hip-hop sound that engraves a spot in the listener's head from the intro to the end of the track. With his outstanding flow pattern and powerful vocals, the rap artist's career is heading for success after delivering another solid album—stream "Baby Boy 3" now on all music streaming platforms and digital music stores. Follow @Spiritualsolo On IG.

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