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Batchelor & Yung Rap Beats Raises The Bar With New Video Anthem "Flying Like Giannis"

Atlanta, Georgia, February 8, 2023 – Batchelor is heating up the winter with his new official video for his hit leading single #FlyingLikeGiannis produced by billboard charting producer Yung Rap Beats from their upcoming joint album. In addition, the California native is living out his dreams of creating incredible music with his distinctive hip-hop sound and flow. His versatility keeps us all entertained and locked in as he continues to generate remarkable songs about some of the top elite NBA players in the league, such as Giannis Antetokounmpo and Lebron James.

Hip Hop artist Batchelor and producer Yung Rap Beats' energy and music are unmatched and in a league of their own since it is brimming with authenticity. Batchelor, a seasoned and gifted entertainer and rapper, continues to write and record catchy songs for sports fans worldwide who love the game as much as he does.

In the latest video release, Batchelor exhibits amazing vibes by displaying some of the most monumental dunks and highlights of the "Greek Freak," hyping up the audiences with vibrations appropriate for everyone and all occasions. Yung Rap Beats sets the tone of the visual by providing a hard-hitting, uplifting 808 beat that instantly captivates listeners and makes them lose track of time. In addition, the music video has the charisma that drives a great storyline which is uncommon mainly in mainstream performers.

The superb visual was more than we expected and dropped right in time for the upcoming NBA All-Star Weekend and the game starting on February 17-19, 2023. The impact of Batchelor's latest video will bring many fans and families together for an excellent time and will be much appreciated by music listeners and hip-hop heads. #FlyingLikeGiannis emphasize a snappy cadence, vibey flow, and lyrical originality by the one and only Normal Not Allowed Entertainment Founder and CEO Batchelor.

Listeners are charged with a fierce, passionate, and powerful anthem for Giannis, becoming one of Batchelor & Yung Rap Beats' biggest singles to date. The song inspires listeners to get lit and take pride in enjoying team sports, and it makes the ideal music for sports parties, tailgating, and motivational purposes.

Batchelor & Yung Rap Beats plans on becoming the leading musician by sticking to what they do best and has a ton more unique and accessible music in the works! Watch Batchelor's fantastic new video single to discover a new musical spectrum!

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