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Berchie Displays All He Can Do On ‘O.P.E.R.A’

When it comes to having something in your back pocket that makes you distinctly different than your peers, look no further than Berchie. A classically trained vocalist, Berchie is putting quite a spin on his hip hop approach. Packing a punch like no other, he merged his training with his love of beats to deliver a style that is truly unique on his latest release, ‘O.P.E.R.A.’ 

‘O.P.E.R.A’ opens with a booming introduction that hits listeners with the unexpected. An operatic vocal performance that gives way to hip hop. Unheard of? Yes. Surprisingly great? Yes. Eight tracks deep, ‘O.P.E.R.A’ packs a lot in with songs like “Lavi$h,” “Battle Scars,” and Berchie’s latest single, “Hometown.” Working with his cousin Tate on this one, they present a bonafide hit together both in song and video. The clip, out now, sparked a social media challenge called the #hometownchallenege that is currently going viral on Tik Tok and Instagram thanks to Nikolas Wilde (@themanofmanyfaces1: Instagram), Brakayla Rollinson (@wowkayy: Instagram), and Breylin Alexander (@wowbrey: Instagram). 

Stream Berchie "Hometown"

“Imagine listening to his actual classical voice, not sampled, then bring it into the hip hop and rap game. It’s life-changing and definitely something that you shouldn’t miss out on. Whatever that is, Berchie is making waves, and it’s time that he get that recognition he deserves.” – Tyler Penske, The New York Weekly

Berchie got his start singing in church and school choirs. From there he competed in national acapella groups. That led him to receive classical vocal lessons throughout high school. With that, he earned a scholarship to UNC-Chapel Hill. Once there Berchie realized he wanted to start creating his own art, and got to work. Blending his vocal training with Cali beats, rock, opera, and placing it all on a hip hop foundation – he carved out a style all his own. Thus proving he’s not a one-dimensional artist. He’s multifaceted and looking to evolve the genre of hip hop. 

Those interested in adding new hip hop to their playlists, featuring “Hometown” on their site, reviewing ‘O.P.E.R.A,’ or interviewing Berchie for their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

For more information on Berchie, please visit:

About: From singing to rapping, there isn’t much Berchie can’t do and all that he can is displayed on his 2020 release, ‘O.P.E.R.A,’ out now. 

Contact: Berchie Paapa-Berchie Berko 443-534-0832

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