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Inspiring people to follow their true paths with conviction and strength, budding artist Mini Mo Betta is following his own unique rhythms in the rich

Changing the course of Rap and Hip Hop music, with his own individual tastes and talents, rising singer and song writer Mini Mo Betta is driven to motivate and captivate listeners. Imbuing his eclectic music productions with dynamic soundtracks and sensory lyricism, the budding artist is sending waves in the beloved genre.

With the release of his new single, aptly titled “Get It Rite”, Mini Mo Betta stresses upon the significance of driving one’s own self to follow their dreams and aspirations, beating all the odds and conundrums that life throws their way. Motivating listeners to discover their talents and diligently work hard towards success, the eclectic artist uses the strength of narration to strike through hearts, minds, and souls.

“Get It Rite” features the musical talents and brilliance of collaborator Fun, who fully complements Mini Mo Beta’s lyrical genius and song writing choices. Rekindling the burning flames of inspiration through the new single, the artist is paving his way forward in the dynamic world of music, while honing his own skills and talents.

“This record is the story that tells you about…after all the relationships you [have] been through, it [is] finally time to get it right,” says the growing artist regarding his new release.

Check out Mini Mo Betta’s new single and other releases on his official social media platforms, to stay up to date with new releases. For interviews, reviews and/or other business inquires, feel free to contact him through email.


Up-and-coming Hip Hop and Rap artist, Mini Mo Betta (also known as Mr Yessa) is one of the original leading members of music platform “Branch Off” (Branch Off Records).

Following his passion for music from a very young age, Mini Mo Betta began his musical career after forming a group, styled Killa Branches, with other young artists from his neighborhood. Continuing his musical voyage, the artist laid the foundation of his rap career with a reputation of bars and word play, which was unmatched by any in the Rap scene. Having traveled and performed in cities like Atlanta, Myrtle Beach, Savanna, and Wilmington, and having conversed with top executives in the music industry, such as Caprico Scatts and Antonio Reid Jr., Mini Mo Betta has continued to galvanize his talents. Marking his own footprint in the music industry with a Skylife Event in Houston, Texas, the rising artist is on the right track towards success, empowered by a focused drive and thirst to follow his own course.

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