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Brand New Talent in the World of Hip Hop: Presenting To the World Najje (Nah Jah)

With outstanding tunes and iconic releases in the world of Pop, brand new artist Najje (Nah Jah) has just arrived to the scene of music and is all ready to break out as a popular artist

St. Louis, MO – Emerging artist Najje (Nah Jah) is a musician with incredible excellence in the genres of Hip Hop, Pop, and Rap. With three brand new project released back to back this year, the artist is driven to put forth his musical talents for the whole world to recognize, and latch onto the hearts of music lovers forever.

The three musical projects released so far are ‘Black Flag Vol. 1’, ‘Black Flag Vol. 2’, and ‘I Won’t Be Quiet’. All three of them are heavily dominated by rich themes of Hip Hop, Pop, and Rap. With enlivening tunes and hard-hitting rap verses, the music sounds extremely unique and not like something ever heard before. The first project ‘Black Flag Vol. 1’ was released on February 7th, 2021. Followed by ‘Black Flag Vol. 2’, which was released on April 22nd, 2021. ‘I Won’t Be Quiet’ was Najje (Nah Jah)’s third project and was released on June 4th, 2021. For ‘Black Flag Vol. 1’, the production was done by Prodbyhdkn, Nino Brown (Ghetto Goods Production) Flashgod, Cymphanii, and Imakefirebeats. The production on ‘II Black Flag Vol. 2’ was done by Chuckii Bee on the Track, Nino Brown (Ghetto Goods Production) & Flashgod. The project ‘I Won’t Be Quiet’ was produced by Prodhdkn, Flashgod, AJ On The Beat, Chuckii Bee On The Track, and Imakefirebeats.

The vocals on ‘I Won’t Be Quiet’ are done by Nah-Jah, Fayro (Infectious), & Jada (With Me). On ‘II Black Flag Vol. 2’, the only feature is More Ash. The visuals on the album were carried out by Ali Brathwraithe. With the release of these back to back projects, Najje (Nah Jah) will be releasing two more projects later this year. Most of the feedback the artist gets from his music is a sense of rawness. He takes the approach of brutal honesty and goes straight to the point, but since he is so well diverse with his sound, people can also dance to his music as well as just ride around listening to it and chilling. Najje (Nah Jah) has a firm belief in God. He strongly believes that God is the answer to all problems. His life inspires him to write the music that he records and his motivation comes from still having something to prove.

The budding artist looks forward to continuing his musical journey. He wants to release more music he’s passionate about and explore himself even more as an artist. His goal is to become the hot topic in the world of Hip Hop and to tour the world, meeting devoted fans along the way.

Download Najje (Nah Jah)’s music, follow him on social media, and contact for interviews, collaborations, and performances.


Emerging artist Najje (Nah Jah) is a brand new breakout star in the world of music. He produces music with specialty in the genres of Hip Hop, Pop, and Rap. Being extremely fond of music since an early age, the artist tends to draw inspiration from the happenings of his and others’ lives around him.

Born in Alaska and living in Germany, Najje (Nah Jah) was raised in St. Louis as he never had a stable family. Now that he’s currently residing in Atlanta, GA Najje (Nah Jah) is pursing his goal in music. He has lived a crazy, adventurous life and has a lot of stories to tell the world. His plan for the future is to tour, now that the economy is opening back up. His overall goal is to be on the hip hop “Mount Rushmore”, no matter the topic of discussion.


Name: Najje_Nah-Jah Email:


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