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Bronx Native Redlite Sheds Light on Child Abuse and His Life as a Youth in Latest Single Release

Bring awareness to the world about child abuse, New York rapper Redlite makes a considerable impact with his latest single, "Never Had the Love," which highlights the artist's troublesome and abusive life as a child

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 30, 2022 – Hip-hop artists often have to give their fans what they want by creating relatable and unforgettable music, which drives them to want to know more about the rapper's life experiences and upbringing. One rapper out of the Bronx who goes by the name Redlite does just that by opening up about his abusive childhood in his new single titled "Never Had the Love." Redlite's single is sure to bring awareness to child abuse and help other victims get help.

Filled with impactful lines and lyrics, "Never Had the Love" embodies a strong hook that grasps the listener's emotions while creating a sense of fear for every child going through the same issues. The song takes us on a dramatic journey from slow instrumentation to heartfelt lyrics reflecting Redlite's physical and mental abuse as a kid. Brought into this world unplanned, Redlites' mother treated him as so by acting like he didn't belong in this world. The rapper stated that his mom was "German and treated him like a heartless Nazi, and she pushed his father away with militant rules, which led him to leave his family because he was too weak to stick around."

"Never Had the Love" is the perfect advocate song for #StopChildAbuse, and Redlite has the voice to uplift others in the same position in life. The artist himself has grown to realize the cycle has to stop somewhere, and the time is now. Redlite also stated, "Now I have a son who also lives a life with a broken family. I will always be there, and to this day, I've never hit him because that would just repeat the toxic abusive cycle."

Make sure to stream the new single, "Never Had the Love," on all digital streaming platforms. Follow Redlite on social media to learn more about all upcoming singles, video releases, and shows.

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