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Bronx Rapper Big Bucci Drops a New Dynamic EP: "Corner Store Caviar"

Making music for all listeners worldwide through authentic sounds and real-life lyrics, Hip-Hop artist Big Bucci delivers another promising EP for 2022, "Corner Store Caviar"

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, November 20, 2022 – Bronx rap artist Big Bucci is no stranger to the hip-hop scene, as he is known for his edgy style and lyrical content, which he uses to communicate with his fans internationally. The Bronx native is steadily leaving his imprint throughout New York and the hip-hop scene with hits like "Alpha," "Welcome to the Bronx," and "Focus," to name a few. With a consistent buzz in 2022, Big Bucci returns with a second project this year titled "Corner Store Caviar."

The new EP displays why Big Bucci stands out more than your ordinary rapper, as each track reflects his undeniable musical skills. "Corner Store Caviar" consists of 10 relatable hardcore tracks that give the listener a vivid picture and insight into the life of Big Bucci. The Bronx artist has a way with words and pulls the fans into his world with versatility, mesmerizing production, and wordplay. Big Bucci is bringing the authentic New York sound back on the latest EP, "Corner Store Caviar," with songs like "Still At It," "New York City," and "Ice Capps," which exhibit energy, storytelling, hardbody bars.

Many say "Corner Store Caviar" is a unique project to be reckoned with in the music industry. But, with expertise in Hip-Hop music, the artist is proven himself to be one of New York's best-kept secrets. Big Bucci has established himself with every release and years of dedication in the industry by providing his fanbase with music and features year-round. However, his passion for music and consistency never go unnoticed as he gears up for 2023 while working towards becoming number one in the hip-hop genre.

Follow Big Bucci's journey on social media and digital streaming platforms as he reaches the top. "Corner Store Caviar EP" is available on all music streaming platforms.

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