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Canadian Hip-Hop Artist “Things Just Seem Different Since 2020” - #HHOE

Calgary — 2020 came with a lot of changes and this to talk about. Jonsy releases his political views as 2020 wraps up with features with Nino bless, Stevie Ross and Mista Ranking.

who hasn’t 2020 effected? on January 15 2020 available on all platforms, “Things Seem Different” but yet has become common.

Whether it was politics, racial, viral or financial this year has be tough on us all. Lets air it out and move forward together. “as different as we all are we all suffer the same when we are not aligned”

Canadian Hiphop Artist Jonsy moves into 2021 with his new EP “Things Seem Different” Featuring Nino Bless, Stevie Ross and Mista Ranking.

Different style tracks tracks on different topics covering emotions and topics surrounding 2020. Available on all major platforms.

Head to the website for all social media and streaming platform for a listen


In 2018, Damion Jones officially became Jonsy. He released his new project “Reflections” which would go on to sell over 4,500 units in 2019. A lot of sales were contributed to Jonsy’s created MP3 Packages. Within the two years as Jonsy, he has performed with Prada West, Chad Mcghie and most recently Tony Dofat on a 21-day European tour. Jonsy’s most recent single “Without You” featuring Stevie Ross currently sits at over 40,000 streams on Spotify.

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