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Canadian Hip Hop Star Rico 4L is Back With a New Composition ‘L.O.V.E Mean Nothin’ Released Recently

Rising hip hop artist from Edmonton Rico 4L has successfully managed to omit the socio-cultural gap with his heart-rending soundtrack ‘L.O.V.E mean nothin’.

Edmonton, Sep 20, 2020 ( – The genre of hip hop and rap stand witness to the rise of countless artists who have made quite an impression on the global music scene with their exceptional thematic talent. Hip hop artist Rico 4L is one such brilliant individual who has made a name for himself in the worldwide hip hop community with his unique rendition into the genre. Armed with his boundless imagination and outstanding creativity, he has dished out his finest number to date L.O.V.E mean nothin that is the perfect manifestation of his interpretation of the world. The terrific vividness of the song is bound to penetrate the soul of the audience generating genuine and positive reactions.

Blessed with a robust and grasping vocal that is meant for the genre, the promising hip hop artist from Edmontonutilizes his natural capabilities to unleash the full potential of his artistic craftsmanship. Being influenced by different musical forms and figures from his childhood, he developed a knack for the art of music-making since he was very young. His matchless creativity at poetry and rhyming led him to find his passion for the genre of hip hop, through which he could express his thoughts and feelings effortlessly.

Based in Canada, the young and prolific artist is determined to impart his incomparable style to the world through his most recent release ‘L.O.V.E mean nothin’. The song depicts the emotions that come after heartbreak with acute precession triggering emotive reactions among listeners. The intriguing lyrical illustration of the track is presented with the most innovative and relatable way, Working with his production house Rico, Rico 4L has bestowed the fans with his other wondrous creations like ‘No Heart Freestyle’, ‘Mean 2 You’, ‘You’re A Star’, ‘Decision’, and more. Listen to his collections on SoundCloud and Apple Music and follow him on Instagram to know more about his upcoming projects.

Just go for this track ‘L.O.V.E mean nothin’ by Rico 4L  :

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