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Canadian R&B Artist JC Sol Ups The '70s Vibe "Our Groove" With Updated Remix

A slow, sexy jam with just the right amount of ’70s vibe, R&B artist JC Sol rides on the popularity of last year’s “Our Groove” with the brand-new “Our Groove (Remix)” – available now.

While last year’s version was more of a straight, celebratory ballad of love finding its rhythm, this year’s version ups the groovy ’70s feel with both disco and modern electronic elements.

The inspiration for “Our Groove (Remix)” came from the overwhelming reception of the original track of the same name. “The positive vibe, smooth vocals and catchy lyrics have touched the hearts of both young and old with an up-to-date ’70s sound that folks can’t quite put their finger on,” said JC Sol, “and the Club Remix is a sure replication of the same with an edgy new twist.”

The song begins with the sensual, unforgettable line, “Oooooh, we got the groove baby” and it sets the tone for an addictive, earworm track that’s bound to put you in a better mood than it found you – even if you were in a great mood to begin with! It’s also bound to make you believe in true love.

The original track not only attained international airplay on, but was met with global acclaim by North American and European R & B/Smooth Jazz radio stations and curators. “Our Groove” also received the honour of being among the top ten finalists in the prestigious “World Songwriting Awards” for Best R & B Song of 2022.

Canadian-born with Eastern European roots, JC Sol is a multi-talented singer/songwriter and performer, whose passion and love of R&B, Motown, and the classic Philly sound has found a way of capturing the soulful grooves of that special retro sound while turning it into a current, refreshing production.

Not at all new to the music scene, JC toured for many years as a lead singer with various bands, achieving a solid success in the early ’80’s that resulted in extensive touring on a global level and gaining a fan-based popularity. After a hiatus, JC has come back strong, having spent time honing her craft of songwriting and knowing exactly what she wants her sound to be.

“I had written a couple of tunes back in the ’80’s, but the real songwriting process began in the last few years,” she said. “After recording a six-song cover LP in 2020, the inspiration to begin writing original tunes suddenly struck me. Thanks to some early piano training, I found I was able to come up with the basic chord progressions required for use in pre-production.”

JC’s vocal style is a bit of Dusty Springfield and Natalie Cole, with a touch of vintage Diana Ross, but the sound is uniquely her own.

“Our Groove (Remix)” is available now.

“Our Groove” Remix

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