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Canadian Rising Talents Alan Tuck & Bobby John Share Heartfelt Chill Pop Single "Fight No More"

Navigating conflicts in relationships is not always easy, and Toronto indie artist Alan Tuck along with Montreal songwriter and vocalist Bobby John stand for peaceful resolutions with this sincere and eye-opening song called “Fight No More.” This powerful track is just what someone needs to sit back, reflect on emotions and be able to make peace with the ones they love.


After amassing thousands of streams on past energetic and vibrant releases, the talented duo come back with a mellower chill pop leaning track, taking listeners into a space of introspection and emotional healing: “The theme of unity, peace and coming together is always relevant to those inspired listeners allowing them to reflect on their own relationships and conflicts”.


They do so by mixing powerful songwriting with an elegant production, characterized by a hypnotizing acoustic guitar melody, which takes the listeners into a contemplative mood from the moment they press “play.” As the pre-chorus unfolds, the introduction of the drums along with the lyrics relate that critical point in relationships where one can feel how the ship is slowly sinking:


“I can see where we are headed at and I’ve been there once,

there’s no way that we’re going back.”


However, just when it seems that nothing will ever be the same, there’s a plot twist led by a message of love, understanding and reconciliation, as the chorus claims:


“Let’s turn the night around

Hit the pause and take a breath

Don’t want to fight no more”


The artists are convinced that the powerful message of the song can resonate with a wide range of listeners, as it is something everyone has dealt with at some point. They add: “By incorporating this catchy melody and relatable lyrics, the song easily becomes an anthem for positivity and understanding.”


Surely, empathy is also needed when going through difficult situations, which is something the artists want to reflect. They do so towards the end of the song with the following declaration: “nobody right, nobody wrong”. As difficult as it may seem, it is the only way to genuinely listen to each other and start building up all that has been damaged.


This song invites attentive listeners to take a journey of personal growth and reflection, as they claim: “A song that has the ability to evoke emotions and inspire change will embrace you on a more peaceful mindset.”

“Fight No More”

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