Ceraadi Are The Roc Nation Sister Duo Fusing HipHop & R&B - HHOE

The R&B scene is shifting. A new generation of artists are coming forward, and while many fans of the genre are begging for the days when the 1990s hits were storming the charts, what has emerged in the scene has been praiseworthy melodies. Artists are stretching the limits of expectations of what R&B should sound like, especially when fused with Hip Hop, and Ceraadi is at the forefront of the new wave. The duo is comprised of sisters Emaza and Saiyr who have long been social media stars, first launching their careers over on YouTube. After developing a formidable fanbase, it was time for the ladies to stretch their wings and test the music industry, and it didn’t take long for them to capture the attention of Jay-Z and his crew over at Roc Nation. 

It seems that Ceraadi has embraced a number of new beginnings throughout the years. Their journey began back in Cedar Rapids, Iowa before their family picked up and made the long trek to California. It wasn’t easy; money was short and the future was uncertain, but they finally settled in South Central, Los Angeles where Emaza and Saiyr turned to YouTube to escape their reality. Their mother, who also dons multiple hats as she’s their manager as well, has been the foundation of Ceraadi’s career. According to the sisters, they’re able to make their hectic schedules work because of their mother’s help.