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Chilean Hip-Hop Group Scott Y Los Pelmazos Tackle Social Claustrophobia on “Naftalina (2022)” from Self-Titled Compilation LP

Formed in 2018, Scott Y Los Pelmazos is an alternative hip-hop band hailing from Puente Alto and La Florida, Chile. They present themselves as an alternative to traditional hip-hop, drawing from modern influences, unafraid of experimentation and rejecting confinement to a particular style.

The group has released a self-titled compilation of previous records for Analog Machine Records that’s mostly composed of tracks taken from their Scotty Tape 01. It features the somber single “Naftalina (2022),” a track inspired by social claustrophobia and feeling lost in life.

Stream Now: "Naftalina (2022)"

Scotty Tape 01 taught us that we work better when we allow for ideas from all the band members. Everyone came with their own demo, and then the rest of us would add to it, so the project never resolved around one person. We also learned more about how the music business works since we had to release the project on our own. We had no label or media outlets to help us, and had to secure our own distribution. – member Claudio Vasquez

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