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EC Fam Drops New Visual "Missing You" ft. Na'Ilah (Prod. by T-Dune)

AfterLyfe Music’s EC Fam & Na’ilah link up to create a soulful message for the people of Earth. On “Missing You” the two MC’s spit their hearts out about what it is to miss somebody you love and growing from the pain of it into a new place of be. Add the sultry vocals of up and coming singer, Na’ilah and it’s a match made for paradise.

Stream it now, on all platforms or check out the video on YouTube.

"Missing You" (Official Music Video)

"Missing You" DSP Links

EC Fam initially began in 1999 as an underground movement in Boston MA originally under the moniker Venom.  After a string of regional hits (“Tomorrow Never Comes”, “Beat Those” & “Act Like You Want It”) the crew took a break from music to take care of their families and build foundations.  Fast forward to the current day and they are back like they never left.  Unlike most current day rappers, EC FAM’s return to the mic has little to do with money and more to do with the message.  MC’s Ev & Zo are pushing the agenda of peace, unity, love and having fun aka Hip Hop.  They show and prove their motives by crafting songs from two traditionally opposite ideologies, Islam & Christianity.  EC FAM’s perspective is “We all believe in the same God, why can’t we all unify and live together in peace?”  A newly inked partnership with industry veteran Nastee’s AfterLyfe Music (ALM) whose message is that there is a lot to be learned from a Hip Hop lifestyle, proves to be a perfect marriage for these MC’s on a mission.  Hip Hop at it’s finest.





Andreas (Goon Promotion)

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