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ComeCreate With Illbadaa - A Hub Of Audio Visual Genius - #HHOE

Illnadaa and Stichnit’s hip hop production company hitting the movie production scene

Stone Mountain, Georgia – Music and visual art are two media forms that are never too far apart – and as any music lover will agree, good music must accompany a good video. Artists Nigel Greer and Stephanie Greer are a power duo who bring the two art forms together. Owners of a small production company, Illbadaa, aka Nigel Greer, and Smurgy Smurg, aka Spehanie Greer, are a talented couple.

The two met eight years ago by chance when they bumped into each other on a morning walk. Both widowed and with children, they hit it off immediately and married right after. The two shared a love for music and decided to pursue it in this new chapter of life together. Entrepreneurial and creative in their ways, Stephanie and Nigel’s company specializes in beat and musical compositions, recording, engineering, cinematography, and video editing. With their diverse skill set, the duo possesses proficiency in both music and cinema both.

Ibadaa is the producer genius who composes, records, mixes, masters, and distributes original music. Smurgy smurg, on the other hand, is a multi-instrumentalist who composes and arranges music. She is also skilled at crafting and needlework and runs a popular YouTube channel, Stichnit.

Stephanie has also had a longtime career of playing the trumpet and the piano at her local church. Nigel, a music school graduate, is also adept at playing the saxophone and trumpet. He has been a longtime chorus participant, a skill that eventually led him to become a self-taught rap performer and music engineer. Nigel also has a podcast called ‘In Search of GOD with Illbadaa., which can be found on all major podcast platforms.

The enterprising couple formed a collective called ComeCreate, with their respective identities, Illbadaa and Stichnit. Currently, they are working on creating a docu-short based on twenty-six historical American leaders. At this turning point in American history, their film will be an ode to individuals of color who have made tremendous contributions to the American culture, the government, and internationally. Being African American, the men on whom this documentary is based have experienced several challenges – highlighting this fact is the goal of the documentary.

For more information on the power couple, please visit their website. Nigel and Stephanie can also be found on YouTube.


Nigel and Stephanie Greer, a husband and wife duo, live with their seven children. Inspiring and optimistic about life, they intend to uplift people through cinematic audio and visual content. Keen on following their dreams, and the two also follow their passions other than music.

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