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Copywrite Releases his Second Single 'Weight 4 It' from his Upcoming Album "T.H.E. Last Supper"

Like the smell of  gasoline being pumped into a screaming engine, "Weight 4 It" delivers on impact. Copywrite, who constantly redefines the bar for a punchline, shows up fiercely on long-time collaborator DJ Mighty Mi's chest rattling production. An onslaught of double entendres peppered with back handed jokes — sometimes at the listeners expense — makes this a classic Copywritesong. "Weight 4 It" is the second single on the upcoming album T.H.E. Last Supper, releasing this May on Man Bites Dog Records. 

"Weight 4 It" Download & Streaming Links

"T.H.E. Last Supper" PreOrder








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