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Crafting compelling compositions in the world of Pop and Hip Hop: Introducing UJ FISHER

Rising star UJ FISHER is all ready to take over the music world by a storm through his incredible musical compositions and outstanding skills as a singer, songwriter, and producer

Emerging artist UJ FISHER is bringing about a wave of change in the world of music, especially in the genres of Hip Hop, Pop, and Electronic. His brand new single titled “Down the Valley of Rose” is set to be released on July 2nd, 2021. Through the single, the budding artist is hoping to get his talent out there in the world and make a name for himself as a Pop artist.

Creating one hit after the other, UJ FISHER has got the whole package when it comes to working on a song from start till the very end. He has incredible expertise when it comes to crafting compelling tunes as he is a singer, songwriter as well as a producer. He works on all his songs independently, and he has done the same with his new single as well. “Down the Valley of Rose” was written, sung, and produced by UJ FISHER alone. For this purpose, he crafts the lyrics exactly how they appeared virtually in his creative mind. Then he pitched the sound and created the rest of the song by himself, to come up with a unique and enlivening tune at the end. This technique enables him to experiment with different styles and genres of music in order to find his own unique sound and musical direction as an artist. His sense of creativity and artistic individuality shines through his music. Aside from being open to various genres occasionally, his main sound is heavily dominated by elements of Hip Hop, Pop, and Electronic music.

Writing the lyrics himself, UJ FISHER believes in spreading positivity through his music. His songs are rich in themes of optimism, positive messages, and educative content. The vibe of the songs is fun and entertaining, something that the listeners associate with a happy and uplifting mood. UJ FISHER never really believed in his musical talents back when he was younger. It wasn’t until his friends and family pushed him to pursue music that he finally gave in and released a single titled “Let’s Save Our Earth” back in 2017. To his surprise, the song got amazing feedback and was being played at all major music platforms. That gave him the courage he was looking for, resulting in him being a professional singer, songwriter, and producer today.

UJ FISHER wishes to grow and explore himself as an artist. He’s going to continue making music he’s passionate about as he has new releases and projects lined up for the future. He looks forward to tour the world and meet devoted fans along the way.


Based in Bismarck, North Dakota, the emerging artist UJ FISHER is a singer, songwriter, and producer who has great expertise in Hip Hop, Pop, and Electronic music. He was always fond of music, but never really recognized his talents as a musician. His friends and family around him encouraged him to make something out of his skills, and as a result, he is where he is today.

He refers to himself as a Pop artist, but also admits to experimenting and exploring other genres like Christian, Electronic, Hip-up, Blues and many more. He is incredibly flexible and diverse when it comes to making music.

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