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Cristopher Martinez Stuns with New Single

With his soulful new single, “Como Baila”, Christopher Martinez promises a rhythmic and memorable musical journey, inspiring listeners with his uniqueness.

SANFORD, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2021- Bringing with himself a passionate mix of instrumental rhythms and gripping vocal prowess, Christopher Martinez is driven to take the Hip Hop world by storm. With his newest release already streaming on official music platforms, Christopher Martinez aims to follow up on a musical spirit instilled within him at a young age, fueled by the support of his loved ones to follow his artistic dreams.

A refreshing and captivating new track, “Como Baila” offers listeners a memorable and authentic songwriting style, enticing them with soul-stirring and inspiring lyricism.

A powerhouse of talent, Christopher remains passionate about his music, considering it a beloved passion and not a job. He was particularly inspired by unique Reggaeton styles, looking up to artists such as Tego Calderón, Don Omar, Héctor el Father, Alexis y Fido and Daddy Yankee- whom he considers the greatest musical influence on his career and in his professional life.

Among his short-term plans, Cristopher claims to be in the lowest area of the urban genre, stay true to his musical style, and expressing humility and love for all his fans.

“Listeners feel very different and in peace when listening to my music. My music, it has different [inspirations],” says Christopher Martinez regarding his new release.

Visit the artist’s website to check out/download/buy his music, and follow him on social media for updates regarding new releases. Feel free to contact the artist for interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations.


Cristopher Martinez, better known as “Red Beard” is a rising 24-year-old urban music singer. Hailing from Ponce, Puerto Rico, Christopher Martinez left the country in the hopes of pursuing a long journey, searching for a dream until he reached the United States where he is based today.

From a young age, the dynamic artist was influenced by music and drew stylistic inspirations while listening to icons of the industry, such as Drake, Michael Jackson and Marc Anthony. The artist formally began his career in the state of North Dakota, where he began to take his first steps in music at a professional level, and has ever since, continued to soar.

Christopher admits that if he were not a musician, he would be a bodybuilder since he also has a love for bodybuilding in other branches such as Athletics.


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