CRSWHT Goes Hard With “Light Work”

Within a week’s time, Crswht’s “Light Work” garnered over 21,000 views. Today that number is still climbing as more and more people are seeking out fresh hip hop. Thankfully, there is no shortage of that coming straight from this North Carolina rapper. 

“Light Work” comes at you with swift lyricism and a sick flow that makes the whole two minutes and change you spend listening to it worth every second. With a style that would have him sharing time on playlists and the stage with the likes of Dababy, fans of Crswht’s fellow Carolina-based rapper would definitely vibe with what he is putting out. Whether that’s his latest “Light Work” or any of the other joints he dropped this year; “First Things First…A Lil Boat,” “Drip Drowned,” and “PDB.” 

Crswht’s versatility on the mic has brought him great success from his start in Brookly