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Dealing with Issues All His Life and Defeating Every Hardship Coming His Way, Emerging Artist BERUIT

Dealing with issues all his life and defeating every hardship coming his way, emerging artist BERUIT BERUIT is all set to make an impact

Rising artist BERUIT BERUIT is a singer and songwriter with incredible excellence in the genres of Pop, Hip Hop, and Rap. His brand new single titled “THEE ARRIVAL” was released worldwide on June 25th, 2021. With the release of the single, the artist is hoping to break out in the world of music and win the hearts of music lovers through his incredible skills and dedication.

Filled with themes of overcoming life struggles and working his way towards a better life, the singer has presented his real and authentic self without shying away from the truth even in the slightest. The song reflects upon how BERUIT BERUIT turned his life completely around, from being a drug addict to having kids and starting his own business. Struggling with mental health issues, pcp, and alcohol addiction for most of his life due to his parents’ history of drug abuse, the artist was deep in the pits of helplessness and failure. Having children made him realize he had to get his act together, and with enough persistence and courage, he managed to get back up. He started out with heading back to school and managed to start his own business as he progressed. BERUIT BERUIT has faith in Christianity, and is a practicing Christian. While he’s not a saint himself, he does know the difference between right and wrong, and tries his best to refrain from sins now that he’s more responsible.

With the release of “THEE ARRIVAL”, the emerging artist wants to give a shout out to Odecia, Trigga Happy, Hazz, Dramaa Baee, TroyzTurn, Xavier, Lexx, and Sevontae. BERUIT BERUIT didn’t always want to become a singer. He just experimented in the start and started recording anything he could come up with for fun and games. It wasn’t until he noticed that people were actually paying attention to his music, he started taking his career as a musician seriously. His style of music is extremely unique, something that has never been done before. Combining positive and motivating messages with themes of Hip Hop, Pop, and Rap, the budding artist has let his artistic individuality shine through his sound.

BERUIT BERUIT looks forward to continue making music and expand his horizon. He wants to promote nonviolence through his music and spread the message of love and peace. He wishes to get successful enough to feed his family well, and that is by making music.

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BERUIT BERUIT is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter from Hunting Park section of North Philadelphia. He started making music in the early 90’s in his great grandma’s basement – the woman who rose him.

Having parents with drug addiction, BERUIT BERUIT struggled with substance abuse growing up, and has been to multiple rehabs, mental institutions, and prisons. His biggest sources of inspiration are his great grandmother Odell, his pop Ed snow, and his brother Q.

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