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Detroit YB Drops A New Masterpiece, "Beauty in The Struggle"

Hailing from the eastside of Detroit, MI and planting his feet in the new nucleus of hip-hop, Atlanta, Detroit YB has made quite the strides, and this latest release listens like time well spent, sleep not endured, and a super team of endowed collectives.

His journey to the music you hear now started about nine years ago. He’s been on Detroit F.M 97.9, performed at the Emerald Theatre, Michigan State University, Eastern Michigan University and the University of Michigan. Furthermore, he’s met with the legendary A&R Lenny Santiago and worked with the fabled Gucci Mane’s engineer Sean Paine to name a few and the accolades list continues to grow. No novice to the music industry having commenced his career almost a decade ago his latest release will inevitably catapult him to well-deserved heights.

What can you expect from Beauty in The Struggle?

This album features production from AshileeAshilee, DBThePlug, E9 and Petrofsky beats, amid mixing and mastering by super producer AshileeAshilee. Beauty in The Struggle shows you a different perspective of the trails you may face and gives you the power you need to succeed along your life's journey. This self-written project oozes with motivational anthems, lyrical puns, and interludes that do nothing less than inspiring. YB puts his pain, struggles, narratives, and lessons learned in this project. Combined with a notable track like "Doors." The industry will rhapsodize over this project, raving about compilation from twinge brimmed records like "Stuck in My Ways" to familiar hip-hop's seasoned new star. This project is set to release on October 12th, 2020.



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