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DJ CLIF Drops a New Visual ft. Jake Palumbo: "Billionaires Wear Skechers"

Updated: May 26, 2023

Paris, France & Brooklyn, NY join forces in an international incident known as "Billionaires Wear Skechers", a selection from French producer DJ CLIF's new compilation LP US Connexion 2, featuring intense & frenetic bars from SpaceLAB Recordings founder Jake Palumbo.

Jake Palumbo - no slouch on production himself - steps from behind the boards to vent his frustrations on the mic, while DJ CLIF provides the gritty & uncompromising instrumental built around piano stabs & hard breakbeat drums cooked to perfection in his MPC2000XL.

Palumbo declares from the intro that he is "a f***ng mess", & under duress, proceeds to drop 32 scathing & sardonic stream-of-consciousness bars & a hook before peacing out, while DJ CLIF takes the song home with a freestyle scratch solo.

US Connexion 2 is available on CD & Vinyl at DJ CLIF's Bandcamp page. The album also features guest appearances by Termanology, Mic Handz, Illa Ghee, Dro Pesci & many more.

Jake Palumbo's latest LP Plant-Based Libtard, as well as his collaboration LP Solving Cases with El Da Sensei are available on CD & all digital platforms.

DJ CLIF ft. Jake Palumbo "Billionaires Wear Skechers" (Official Music Video)

Article Credit: Andreas (Goon Musick PR)

Instagram: @aprock_bloglove

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