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DJ CRYPT x Noel IS x JRM Teams Up for New Video Single: "Graff Territory"

Updated: Mar 28, 2023

DJ Crypt, NOEL IS and JRM sending out a dedication anthem to all the heads out there still sprayin, still runnin’ the planet with cans in hands. All the heads keeping the art alive. A world wide shout out to all the combinated styles and elements representing Hip Hop. Graff Territory! Nuff love, equality and respect. Blast it loud.

Stream DJ Crypt x NOEL IS x JRM - "Graff Territory" Official Music Video

"Graffiti was and is still a big part of us and our culture so it's no surprise that we ended up together in the yard painting some trains. As a remembrance of this unique night, we started the project making this song and video together. 'Graff Territory' was born!" - DJ Crypt (Snowgoons DJs)

"Graff Territory" Download & Streaming Links:

DJ Crypt of the Snowgoons DJs Team will release his first beatmaker album on April 28th. On 12 songs he delivers a dope range from Trip Hop tunes to Boom Bap bangers and chilled productions. Spiced up with some precise scratches on most of the songs this album deserves to find it’s way into your crates.

Marble and the Brown Galaxy Vinyl editions, both limited to 150 copies, are available exclusively at Goonsgear. Make sure to check out the dope Bundles with Tape, Shirts, Alco Tester, Car Freshener and Key Chainfor preorder as well!

Article Credit: Andreas (Goon Promotion)

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