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Donovan ‘The Don Killuminati’ Reveals Never-Before Told Origins Of 2pac And Thuglife Theories...

Tupac Shakur’s Artist Development and Image Consultant Coach Donovan ‘The Don Killuminati’ Reveals Never-Before-Told Origins of 2PAC and ThugLife Theories in Tell-All Book 2PACOLOGY THE ARTIST

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2Pacology The Artist, the brand new EBook written from Donovan "The Don Killuminati" details the exclusive secrets and blueprint that made 2PAC one of the most legendary figures in music history. With millions of albums sold from his first 6 releases, 2PAC'S influence in culture can not be denied, but as they say it's many key figures who played a huge role in the success of your favorite superstars. Within this tell all book The Don breaks down inside information on breaking artist that most record labels do not want revealed.

This book has so many gems that would surprise many. From The Don's humble beginnings as a dancer and image consultant for rap icon LL Cool J to first meeting Tupac on tour back in the late 80's. The two young men had a vision with Don becoming a world renowned executive and Pac being a music GOAT. Learn even more from the origins of the name 2PAC and what it takes to become such an iconic and respected figure in not only music but life in general. 2Pacology contains the steps, models and lessons to make it big in entertainment. Co-founder of 2PAC and only survivor that tells the story in depth full disclosure of the creation process used to spawn the careers of numerous 90’s Hip-Hop music moguls. As the creator of 2PAC’s Thug Life Theory & GOAT Formula Donovan The Don Killuminati (named on one of the best-selling albums of all time) gives you a look behind the velvet rope.

Each chapter has so many gems, even from the early development of megastar LL Cool J. You will also get a truth telling inside take on Pac's history with Biggie and much more. If Pac wanted to sign Biggie and the root of the 2PAC and The Notorious B.I.G. beef is explained in the "Kopy Katz Era" chapter. The Don writes that 2PAC was grooming The Notorious B.I.G., teaching him about his Thug Life Formula Mafioso style and stage presence, and planned to sign him to his future label. However, being inpatient B.I.G. signed with Sean "Puffy" Combs’ Bad Boy Records instead and plagiarized 2PAC’s concepts for B.I.G's Ready 2 Die album and marketing campaign.

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