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Dropping New Album Just In Time for the New Year: Presenting to the World HenryBoy

With over a decade of music experience and already signed with a well-known record deal company, artist HenryBoy! is emerging as the new face of Hip Hop music

FRISCO, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2022 - Up-and-coming artist HenryBoy! is a massive force to be dealt with in the world of music. With unparalleled musical skills and expertise in various different aspects of music, the artist can be seen making it big in the industry pretty soon. HenryBoy! possesses especial excellence in the genre of Hip Hop, and that clearly reflects in the music he composes. The artist is all set to release a brand new album titled “Only I” this year.

All ready to drop the album just in time for the new year, the artist has crafted “Only I” as the perfect amalgamation of catchy Hip Hop tunes and meaningful lyrics. With the release of the brand new album, HenryBoy! is looking forward to getting his exceptional sound out there in the world and attract music lovers, especially people who take a liking to Hip Hop music, towards his music. He wants people to give a listen to his music and relate with it, so that he can help people out through their miseries and tough times of their lives. In return, he is hoping to get the appreciation and recognition he deserves as one of the most capable Hip Hop artists of the time. Not only does HenryBoy! stick to his roots of his original style of music, but he also keeps his mind open for new ideas and inspirations. He’s looking to grow and evolve as an artist with every single one of his releases, and that’s exactly what he has done with the composition of “Only I”. This growth and maturity of sound can be easily detected when listening to the album.

Apart from “Only I”, HenryBoy! also has a bunch of other singles and EPs released over the course of a few years. His latest single is a song called “Feed Me (Drive!)”, which was released in the mid of 2021. “Money Maker” and “Water” are other songs that were dropped in early 2021 as singles. HenryBoy! has also released 2 EPs throughout his career in music which go by the names of ‘Hills’ and ‘Phuk Em’. Currently available on most major music streaming/downloading platforms across the world including Spotify and Amazon Music, the compositions are truly a treat for Hip Hop music lovers.

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HenryBoy! started writing in his journal when he was little, but in 2009 – with the help of his closest friends – HenryBoy! realised his journal entries where more than just words.

HenryBoy! has a strong and empowering message from all walks of life and believes that any obstacle can be overcome with the power of perseverance and faith.


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