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A New Age Anthem that Channels Relatable and Burning Sentiments

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

Rising singer-songwriter Hxrtlxss is determined to stun listeners with his memorable new single, under the purview of the label G.N.D’Z. titled “The Cxlling”

MIAMI, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2021 - Shedding light on a series of rich, vivid, and relatable themes through his musical prowess, dynamic artist Hxrtlxss remains inspired to create his own lane in New Age music, while also captivating listeners with what they enjoy most. Set to release his much-awaited new single, “The Cxlling” on August 7th, 2021, the seasoned artist aims to share his musical brilliance with the world.

Bound to become a stirring anthem for the young music community, “The Cxlling” forms only one part of the anthology that Hxrtlxss has curated for his listeners. The first artist to be signed onto the coveted record label, G.N.D’Z., Hxrtlxss brings with himself a breath of fresh air and a varied musical style.

Powered by the record label G.N.D’Z., Hxrtlxss’ music presents listeners with a relatable and riveting musical experience. With his upcoming debut album “X.H.S (OPEN HEART SURGERY)”, the promising artist showcases a unique musical character, with moving and mesmerizing lyrical prowess.

Driven to become a classic, the new single fittingly captures the rawness and authenticity of the life experience, rooted within the artist’s own experiences in love, relationships, and disappointments, which have shaped him into a “heartless guy”. Numbed by life’s twisted and complicated realities, Hxrtlxss aspires to become a force to be reckoned with, in the music industry.

With each new release, he aims to move towards his goal of providing a voice to the people who are denied a voice and who, much like himself, are unable to have their stories represented.

Visit the artist’s website to stream, download, and buy his newest music and the newest releases from G.N.D’Z. Follow Hxrtlxss on social media for updates regarding new releases. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, feel free to contact the artist through email.


Up-and-coming artist Hxrtlxss is set to become the voice of tomorrow’s New Age music, channelling his musical talents into relatable and engaging tracks. Already signed to a stunning Miami-based record label, named G.N.D’Z, Hxrtlxss is ready to explore his multifaceted musical brilliance.

A diligent and conscientious music artist, Hxrtlxss remains motivated by a dream to one day become an A-list artist that the younger generation can look up to. Moved by everyday life struggles, trials and tribulations, the eclectic artist takes inspiration from the work of diverse artists from all around the world. With his upcoming album, Hxrtlxss brings to the music industry a relatability that has long been absent from most genres. He hopes to grow as an artist and person, being self-sufficient and able to take care of his family and loved ones.


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