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Emerging STL Artist 'BurnaMaleik' Drops One of His Most Controversy Singles "Reparations"

Up and coming St. Louis artist BurnaMaleik is applying pressure with his latest single. "Reparations" takes listeners on a journey of the struggles and complications of being oppressed in America. BurnaMaleik uses his voice to bring awareness while asking for "Reparations" for the cruelty placed upon minorities and the black community.

"Reparations" is a deep track with a hard trap sound that leaves the listener with various scenarios to judge whether BurnaMaleik is right or wrong. The banging beat makes you want to party while fighting for your rights. BurnaMaleik confident and aggressive delivery is backed by historical facts that pull the listener into his world. This song will have the listener think about their life differently and the harsh and unfair environment we live in today.

This track has created a lot of controversies, and by the title, you could see why. "Reparations" is released by BurnaMaleik himself under his independent label and is available on all streaming platforms.

To check out more of BurnaMaleik music, or reach out to him for an interview, podcast, or radio show, contact BurnaMaleik via information that's located below.

You can also stream "Reparations" on Spotify:


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