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Emerging Toronto Artist 'Odisseus' Is Back With A New Sound

With a fresh start and a name change, “Odisseus” has Started off the year with a BANG! Releasing 2 projects(R.O.A.M Ep & The Covid-19 Tape) that have generated over 64k streams combined throughout Canada, USA and Europe with no promotion. 

Odisseus announces the release of his brand new single “RiRi” that’s Out Now via 473 Sound. Fans been eagerly awaiting new music from this Toronto artist and can listen to “RiRi” now on Youtube and all major streaming platforms released on June 26th, 2020.

Stream "RiRi" by Odisseus

This single was titled after one of his favorite successful female artists and businesswoman Rihanna. It’s about bigging up the females getting money and doing their thing too. We’re always bigging up the man dem and neglecting our beautiful independent woman that’s out there hustling and grinding not needing no man so shout out to them! Says Odisseus.

Collaborating with BLKSCPE Got Vision on the beat, who also mixed and mastered this single expresses a little more of Odisseus melodic style that you’ll definitely enjoy.

That have generated over 64k streams combined throughout Canada, USA, and Europe with no promotion. 

Listen to the new single “RiRi” HERE, follow Odisseus on Instagram HERE and for more music and continuous updates visit

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