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Enriching Hip Hop and R&B with a Unique and Dynamic Spirit: Rising Artist Mahadhi Walker Set to Soar

By crafting rich and relatable musical compositions that blend together a range of diverse genres, talented singer-songwriter Mahadhi Walker is driven to solidify his position as a remarkable artist in the Rap and R&B world.

Los Angeles, California- August 21st, 2021- Infusing the world of Rap and R&B with a unique and dynamic feel, eclectic artist Mahadhi Walker remains motivated to enthrall listeners while staying true to his own rhythmic genius.

The New York-native is a refreshing addition to the world of Hip Hop, blending together a range of instrumentals with sensory lyricism to create musical compositions that make him stand out. With hip singles, such as “Obj”, “Pull Up”, and “Ronda”, Mahadhi Walker ushers with himself a refreshing new wave of the genre, bringing back value and substance to the musical world.

Melding and marrying together the nostalgic and contemporary elements of classic Hip Hop, R&B, Pop and New School genres in his music, Mahadhi Walker stuns listeners with a depth of narrative and stirring songwriting prowess. In his breakout EP “A Year to Remember”, the dynamic artist showcases the true strength of his vocal and musical range, with the use of diction that is appropriate for all listeners.

Mahadhi brings substance back in a time where flow and cadence dominate the charts, staying true to his driving mantra of establishing his own unique imprint in the musical world. Inspired by his values, the artist hopes to garner influence in the youth community.

Mahadhi’s latest release, the official music video for his hit 2016 single “Pull Up”, embodies the enriching experience of having a great summer, engrossed in the fun of doing everyday things.

The single forms just the first chapter off Malachi Walker’s project “illertimes”, denoting a defining moment in one’s journey, a mental checkpoint from the past in which one can call on in the future for guidance or comfort.

Check Out Mahadhi Walker’s latest release, and follow the artist on Instagram @Mahadhiwalker for updates on new releases. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, contact the artist through email.

About: An eclectic and dynamic singer-songwriter, who remains driven to explore his unique musical character through Hip Hop, Mahadhi Walker is a force to be reckoned with. Having been exposed to different parts of the world and different cultures through his life’s vibrant voyage shaped Mahadhi’s view within his artistry. Having the opportunity to give love to all is one of the running themes with which Mahadhi ardently follows his purpose to inspire and bring forth change through creativity.

Continually growing with his craft, Mahadhi Walker remains strongly influenced by the works of icons of music who really spoke to him growing up, such as Lauren Hill, Jay-Z, Jadakiss, Evelyn King, Big L, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell, and Kanye West among others.

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