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Exploring the End Times: Unpacking UK Producer Montao's 'What in the World?' feat. Slug (Atmosphere)

Following a string of supremely successful singles, including collaborations with Copywrite and RoQy TyRaiD, UK producer Montao ain’t slowing down…

His swift return is via brand new post apocalyptic posse cut, teaming up with none other than Slug of Atmosphere, Koncept, and Lane Shuler.

What in the World?’ is a landscape of ideas, what if’s….could it really happen!?

An unfortunate topic which is ever relevant, and forever in the forefront of the news and the world stage.

The music and production manoeuvres around a familiar piano riff, forged by Montao’s favourite all time composer, creating a perfect backdrop to set the scene.\

It kicks off with the introspective and poetic veteran that is Slug of Atmosphere, painting a seamless and eloquent picture in his own unique way.

Next in line adding some spice is Koncept ramping up the tempo with his innovative style and flow, paving the way for new kid on the block Lane Shuler.

Lane blasts out his take with drama, tension, and intensity creating the perfect ending to an epic piece of work.

The track is a cinematic Hiphop masterpiece, sketching out a vivid animated story of the unknown.

What in the World? is out now-


Montao- What in the World?

Featuring Slug of Atmosphere, Koncept, and Lane Shuler

Written and produced by Andy Kettle

Mixed By Joe Mabbott at The Hideaway Studios MPLS

Mastered by Andy Zoutr, The Elementz Studios

Artwork by buridgallery

Visuals by Paul Braddick

For more information on Montao: About Montao: After decades of experience as a multi instrumentalist, recording artist, music publicist, artist manager, and everything else in between, these aspects have fused together and spawned a new musical landscape in the world of Montao.

Following the incredible success of his single releases to date, including a plethora of international radio support, multiple blog features, and playlist placements, Montao returns with string of releases dropping throughout the rest of 2023.

His up coming collaborations include tracks featuring Slug (Atmosphere), Copywrite, Koncept, RoQy TyRaiD, and Lane Shuler, elevating his status into new heights.

His music transcends from the depths of quirky samples, sofa style beats, and paints a cinematic story based around all the elements of the stories he creates combining elements of Trip hop, Hip hop, and Lo-fi influences.

Encapsulated amidst the terrain of a curious and sometimes confusing world, Montao is putting things right…one beat at a time. "I’ve always been mesmerised by tracks that effortlessly fill up the audio spectrum but still has tons of headspace. A real treat." Fresh on the Net

"A suave mix of house and hip, with a jazz fusion overtone against a monster dragging backbeat...Montao shows that the speakers are the canvas and the mind is the brush.” Jammerzine

A cross between Eminem and The Avalanches and more addictive than a tub full of Haribo Halloween treats.” The Devil Has The Best Tuna

The laid-back groove that reflects the city’s cool and calm attitude in the summer months allows you to effortlessly picture the sunny scene that Montao is trying to create. The trip-hop and low-fi inspired artist seamlessly switches up the sound to keep things interesting.” Liverpool Noise

"Oh this is really good, and it's an opportunity for Beehive Candy to add some more genre traveling under our belt! It's done with creativity and style, so enjoy, as we add the background story." Beehive Candy

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