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Exuding a Unique Sense of Originality with Inspiring Hip Hop: Shug Music 414 and the Million Dollar

Led by an inimitable ethic for hard work, Milwaukee-based local sensations, Million Dollar Family (MDF) are driven to change the soundscape of Rap

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN, UNITED STATES, APRIL 01, 2022 / -- An ambitious and equally inspirational name in the world of Hip Hop and Rap, the Million Dollar Family (MDF) is psyched to captivate listeners with their unique musical ethos. Set apart by not just their lyrical energy but also the diversity of their flow, MDF captures the intrinsic meaning of their tracks.

Million Dollar Family (MDF) put on show a distinct and characteristic tone, interspersed with metaphors. MDF’s front man Shug Music 414 and the team spent a long time preparing and releasing singles, building a fanbase in which they can truly engage in.

The artist has taken the time to teach himself the many techniques one needs to produce and engineer music, going as far as personally building a home studio. Taking pride in his multicultural demographic, consistency in release, and rapidly increasing view count, Shug Music 414 presents listeners with an innovative and contemporary style.

The Million Dollar Family’s rich and riveting singles remain rooted within a need to embrace one’s own self, be patient, and never let anyone stop you from following your dreams. The artists’ tracks such as “Rio Flow” and “Sweet Talk” have already been met with positive response, centering around how relatable and calming MDF’s musical vibe is.

The main goal of Million Dollar Family (MDF) is to break the generational curses the groups’ families endure. As an individual, the artist remains empowered to follow his goal of furthering his brand and solidifying the foundation of his brand to break off into other endeavors.

The artist’s future plans include building MDF branded community centers, which would include a recording studio and resources for others looking to follow in the path of being in the industry. He also hopes to invest more in the “urban” parts of the city, giving the kids a head start.

Stream Million Dollar Family’s newest release and add it to your playlist, follow the artists on social media and internalize their musical vision. The artists are looking forward to collaborations in the Midwest and hope to encourage bloggers and podcasters to reach out for interviews.


Million Dollar Family (MDF) is a multi-talented brand, led by the timeless motto that “our talent is our brand”. The group aims to provide and produce not only music but merchandise and other pieces of imprint as well. Million Dollar Family’s goal as a brand is to establish MDF recreational centers that provide youths with critical equipment and mentoring needed to help flourish young talents and pave their path into the industry.

Growing up, Shug Music 414 was always inspired to pursue music, mainly because of his mom who loved playing Snoop Dogg and Lil Boosie- artists who really directed his musical interests. At an early age MDF was introduced to icons of Trap music and was catalyzed to mold his Rap from artists such as Meek Mill, Joyner Lucas, and Drake, who helped inspire his versatility. As Shug Music 414 got older, he learnt how important engineers and producers are to music and turned his focus to people like London on the Track, Dj Swivel, and Metro Boomin.


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