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Fabian Soul Announces New Single “Slim Thang”

Do you remember the sweet R&B sounds of the ’90s? That is exactly what the Windy City’s own Fabian Soul is delivering come July 10th when he drops his new single, “Slim Thang,” featuring the Grammy-nominated Dottie Staxx. 

“Slim Thang” will be out on all major music and streaming sites come July 10, 2020. It promises to be a soulful delight. With his latest release, “Big Boy,” already dominating Spotify with well over 90,000 streams and counting – there is no doubt audiences are going to listen to “Slim Thang” with the same fervor and tenacity. These R&B gems are just the latest from this maestro. Since his 2017 debut, ‘Can’t Nobody Love You Like I Do,’ Fabian Soul has released almost a dozen sure-fire hit singles that embrace the R&B of the ’90s when artists like Keith Sweat and Brian McKnight ruled the airwaves. Fabian Soul is bringing that charm and soul back to the masses in 2020. 

Hailing from Chicago’s south side, Fabian Soul experienced some rough patches growing up. He has seen heartbreak and experienced hardships like no other, but has managed to take all the negatives that may hold some back, and pushed forward towards better days. Days that include creating timeless R&B music everyone can and does enjoy. 

Those interested in adding new R&B music to their playlists, featuring or premiering “Slim Thang” on their site, interviewing Fabian Soul on their site, podcast, or radio show, or those who would like to participate in the video shoot for “Slim Thang” on July 12, 2020 can reach out via the information provided below.

For more information on Fabian Soul, please visit:

Contact: Fabian Soul

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