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Florida Hip-Hop Group Bulletproof Soul Releases Powerful New Single 'The Ascension'

Bulletproof Soul Releases Powerful New Single 'The Ascension'

When you're trying to change your life and aim for something better, sometimes you need a little motivation to get there. One of the most inspirational things can be music, especially if you find the right song. Maybe that song can be from Florida based Hip-Hop group Bulletproof Soul and their new single, "The Ascension", which features DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ & Nyyjerya.

This song doesn't waste any time, opening with a danceable electronica beat as well as an introductory lyrics that are ladened with braggadocio, sex, and auto-tune. Bulletproof Soul knows what they want and knows that they can get it, and they will always keep trying their best no matter what.

Moreover, the song's confidence is especially palpable at the song's chorus, which also boasts of a love of the West Coast as much as the desire to make it to the top. It's a fun, good way to sum up the song's overall message.

"No aim

But I shoot the 3

In LA I diddy bop

West coast fever that I got

I love to see you pop

They hate when we on top

I pray you never flop

In LA I diddy bop

West coast fever that I got

I need you on the hop"

In fact, the single is part of a larger narrative arc present on Bulletproof Soul's debut concept album "Grasping Things At The Root". The character depicted in the album digs themselves deeper into a life of crime due to material conditions.

Bulletproof Soul

While they eventually come to more understanding through learned experience on “The I”, the album's last few tracks imply that may not have been good enough. The ending is open-ended by “The Reasons” and “The Ascension”.

Bulletproof Soul is a music and arts collective that consists of members Austin Moore-Farrow, Nyyjerya, eqobKING, SLWJMZ, Lofty305, Amouranth, Angela Davis, DJ Sabrina the Teenage DJ, Kengeta, TWENTYN9NE, and Ali Wisdom.

Their first single, "The Whip" was released in June 2023 and sheds light on the masterful sound curation of the group, shifting through neo-soul rhythms, hip-hop-heavy lyrics, and brushstrokes of art pop. Bulletproof Soul's album "Grasping Things At The Root" is out now.

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'The Ascension'

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