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G4 Jag & Mercydaharlemkid Drops New Hit Single "Shots Fired" (Prod. by Lightsout)

Fly Fam artists G4 Jag and Mercydaharlemkid, unleash their explosive new single, "SHOTS FIRED."

G4 Jag, a distinguished member of the renowned Lord Mobb, and his brother Mercydaharlemkid, join forces to deliver a hard-hitting anthem produced by the talented Lightsout.

Blood runs thicker than water, as the new single showcases the undeniable chemistry between G4 Jag and Mercydaharlemkid, blending their distinct styles seamlessly over Lightsout's production.

"SHOTS FIRED" invites audiences to experience the raw authenticity and unapologetic attitude that are synonymous with Fly Fam's signature sound.

Shots Fired is out now and available on all major streaming platforms.

Listen / Stream / Download HERE:

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