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Get Familiar With Emerging Artist Backpack KiddCapo

Backpack KiddCapo is heating up the winter, getting ready to drop some definite fire this summer. Backpack KiddCapo is a heavy hitting artist rising out of the talented Columbus, Georgia area to be reckoned with. Columbus is becoming a major source of some of the hottest tracks coming out of the South. His project dropped last week, “Too Much” is taking off with its catchy lines and mantra-driven, addictive cadence where he describes his own addictions with a nonchalant attitude, and names some of his street behaviors he does “too much.”

Backpack KiddCapo recently premiered his first popular track and video Dumb Way featuring Three3 in summer 2020, where Capo self proclaims early on that they will “have that Cap on replay.” Since his premier, Capo has dropped nearly a dozen hit visuals with the viral videographer in Columbus, KOSMODIDIT. Often with a strong solo performance, Backpack KiddCapo's visuals are painted with lens effects and constructed with creative angles, as shown in his energetic “Reload” visual from August 2020.

In his self-titled song “Backpack Kidd,” he burns currency and focuses “on [his] green like Yoshi” while “feeling like Backpack KiddCapo” because his “life is a movie, direct” which is accurately illustrated, with his lyrics coming to life through contrasting colors and interesting settings. Capo reminisces in his track released in October 2020 “Back in Time” that he “made all [his] songs the same, beat [he] can beatbox,” highlighting his raw talent and organic off-the-dome flow.

He takes it back it time to “everyone calling [him] Cap now, not Capo” and pays homage to the loss of a recent Columbus rapper, Mad Zo, with his jacket spelling out “ZOOM.” Other visual projects dropped within the last six months include “Goofy” with Mad Zo, “Die Today," “Heartless," “Hermes,” and “These H*es Funny.” Backpack KiddCapo released a mixtape in late November 2020, “It’s Cap” featuring many more upbeat tracks with clever lyricism. You can expect more visuals from this recent project, including “Know That” and others to come, and more unreleased tracks like the recent hit “Too Much.” Backpack KiddCapo has an extensive catalog of repetitive, yet addictive flow that he has yet to reveal to his growing fanbase.

BackPack KiddCapo - “Too Much” Directed @KOSMODIDIT (released January 8 2021) *** BackPack KiddCapo - “Reload” Directed by @KOSMODIDIT (released August 7 2020) BackPack KiddCapo - “Dumb Way” ft Three3 Directed by @KOSMODIDIT (released July 1 2020) Backpack KiddCapo “It's Cap” Mixtape


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