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Get Familiar With Jersey City DJ & Music Producer Juggs201

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

Spotlight music producer Juggs201 has shown the world what it means to be more than a producer and a hitmaker

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, October 27, 2022 – In a new era of global music, producers always find their way to shine in the industry, providing artists with different flavors of complex instrumentals or, as most say, beats. However, what makes every producer unique is their musical experiences and how they view music through a lens, which helps them stand out from the rest. Ahead of his time with creating authentic music, Juggs201's musical journey is more than a story but the highlight of his career.

Serving the hip-hop community and industry for more than 20 years, Jersey City music producer Juggs201 is still a front-runner in the new age of hip-hop. Juggs201 has always been in the mix as a mixtape DJ in his earlier days and shortly became a music producer years later in his career. As a DJ, he took his talents right to the heart of the city with “Juggernaut Anthem” and other hit tracks like Chris Paul and 400 Degrees. With his ongoing work ethic and consistency, Juggs201 continues to expand his brand with a distinctive sound like no other music producer in the genre.

After taking time off from music, the Jersey producer decided to return to what he loves the most, generating musical compositions. Upon his return, the versatile producer has made a name for himself by working with the hottest new artist in the city, such as Aba, Lil Dev, Mr. Chicken, Max YB, Big NY, Jay45, D'Gzzz, Lil Neef, Tutty and more. In addition, Juggs201 is steadily raising the bar in his portfolio by releasing dynamic and quality beats. Blessing fans and listeners with some of the most unforgettable bangers, leaving a high percentage of people moving their heads and speechless.

Putting in effortless hours to become number one, Juggs201 is dedicated and strives to make music we will all enjoy. While representing Jersey City to the fullest, the versatile producer continues to expand the brand and fanbase by working with serious artists from all over the globe, placements, and producers collabs. Stay linked in with Juggs201's career and show dates by following his career on social media and streaming his music on DSPs. All Photos are shot by @studioagb.

Juggs201 Produced Tracks

ABA - "Back Grinding" (Produce By Juggs201)

B.Y x Jay45 x Big NY - "Bring The Pain" (Produce By Juggs201)

Max YB - "Pick & Roll" ft. Jay 45 (Produce By Juggs201)

Dibiasi - 400 Degrees (Produce By Juggs201)

ABA - Trenches (Produce By Juggs201)

B.YFROMUPTOP - IN THE PARTY (Produce By Juggs201)

Latest Mixes (Blends)

Featured Artist Instagrams

Aba @ptb_ceo3_amc

Lil Dev @lildevtheartist

Mr. Chicken @mr.chicken

B.Yfromuptop @b.yfromuptop

Max YB @max_yb

Big NY @_big_ny

Jay45 @jay45.gds

D'Gzzz @dgzzz1035

Lil Neef @lilneef

Tutty @only1tutty

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Dope Bio, i appreciate how Jersey City is expanding. We have too much talent not to be in the mix with the world l. Keep shining my bro .

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Oct 28, 2022

DJ Producer been going for a minute ok ok. Keep on grinding bro

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