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Glasses Malone & P1 Join NB#3 On The New City Anthem "Do It Big"

Los Angeles, CA – Renowned OG rapper from Watts, Glasses Malone, and South Central's rising star P1 have joined forces with Carson's pride NB#3 to release an exciting remix of the chart-topping single "Do It Big". Recorded at the highly acclaimed R3L Studios with superproducer Dae One, this collaboration has birthed a true Los Angeles anthem that is bound to captivate music fans worldwide.


"Do It Big" has already garnered significant attention, making waves with its original release. Now, with the inclusion of Glasses Malone and P1, the remix takes the song to new heights. With their distinct rap styles, Glasses Malone and P1 bring their authentic voices to the track, seamlessly blending their talents with NB#3's undeniable charisma and lyricism.


The addition of these talented artists demonstrates the unity within the Los Angeles music scene, as three homegrown talents come together to create an anthem that resonates with the city's spirit. By combining their unique perspectives, Glasses Malone, P1, and NB#3 have created a remix that captures the essence of Los Angeles, paying homage to the city that has shaped them as artists.


The "Do It Big" remix stands as a testament to the talent and creativity that Los Angeles has to offer. This anthem is set to resonate with fans who appreciate the raw authenticity and dexterity that these artists bring to the table.

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