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Heartfelt and Moving Tunes for Listeners to Revel in: Aurelieus6’s Soulful Rap Captures the Masses

Exciting new releases such as “Body” and “Takers” are inspirational tracks that spread the message of love and light to the world

Atlanta, GA — March 8th, 2022 - Recent singles released include “Body” and “Takers” both of which are curated to inspire a feeling of love and friendship through hardcore hip-hop. This eclectic artist is most notable for the construction of rap that touches on the subtle themes of life in a sensitive and novel way indicating the true use of music for connection. These sensory rhythms and tunes embody both the artists’ goals as well as the vision that this music paints of the world.

Rising star Aurelieus6 has released four albums namely, ‘Bad’, ‘Money Cars Clothes’, ‘Trusting a Thing’, and ‘TIME’. The release of these albums as well as new singles in February display the diligent genius of this artist. The lyrical depth of these singles envelops listeners in a feeling of overwhelming joy and love that builds a feeling of hopefulness for the future as well as acknowledgment of past troubles.

Spread the word, share, like, repost, buy, download, press play and play loud- the newest track by Aurelieus6. Visit the star’s merchandise shop online and go to Apple Music and Amazon for downloads and follow the artist’s Instagram handle Aurelieus6 and contact at for interviews and for business related queries.

The artist is open to collaborations with promising creatives as a means to be heard everywhere and inspire everybody who tunes in.


Aurelieus Golphin was a young shy child with a burning passion for music but lack of confidence to perform in front of large crowds. It was only after serious self-reflection that a certain level of comfort was carefully built. Initial years of working in music at A1FBG that the opportunity to write music and travel with another artist Rocko that the artist skillset was crafted. Once this enigmatic artist left the label World and began performing music that was created by him that the actual voice of Aurelieus6 was truly found.

It was after this that Aurelieus taught other artists the ins and outs of the industry. More so, the promising star performed for thousands of fans a music platform, on online music sites and also gave many in-person performances to fans and DJs, friends, at open mics.


Aurelieus6/Love1sound Name: Aurelieus Golphin Address: 1048 Flat Shoals Rd, 1501, Atlanta, GA Email: Phone: 4048615712


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