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High Energy Hip Hop Music that Captivates and Excites: Dynamic Singer-Songwriter Drip Kultur

WURK IT” is a stirring collaborative effort between artists Drip Kultur, DICI and Dc Youngfly who hope to captivate fans with this single and future tracks.

DALLAS, TEXAS , UNITED STATES, April 15, 2022 – A rising act in Hip Hop, Drip Kultur stands out amidst up-and-coming voices with his seamless creative spirit and resonant musical ethos that depicts the true character of today’s generation. True to his name- Drip Kultur exudes a magnetizing mix of talents and prowess, presenting audiences with a range of musical experiences.

With a discography that includes characteristic singles, such as “Work” which was dropped in 2021, “BIGGEST DRIP” which was unveiled in 2022, Drip Kultur is steadily composing a brand that is unparalleled and unique. The artist’s tantalizing new track, “WURK IT” showcases catchy Rap verses blended within memorable Hip Hop rhythms and tunes, ultimately delivering a stunning track by Drip Kultur, as well as featuring artists: DICI, and Dc Youngfly.

“WURK IT” was released for listeners on March 15th, 2022, and offers listeners an escape through the power of Drip Kultur’s resonant lyricism and soundscape. Listeners of the artist’s music feel a wave of energy, and are empowered to let loose and dance while hearing the magnetizing new track. The artist’s music remains complemented by contemporary Hip Hop singer-songwriter, DICI who brings vision to his words, painting a vivid picture of his life with sound.

Apart from releasing riveting musical compositions, Drip Kultur also represents a brand in and of itself- complete with his own clothing line “Drip Kultur Clothing”, with which he brings a one-of-a-kind swagger to the industry.

The talented powerhouse hopes to continue his musical voyage, by staying true to his mantra of creating honest and real music that inspires audiences and is relatable. Drip Kultur intends to release more music and collaborate with more budding artists who are aligned with his vision for music.

Check out, download, and stream Drip Kultur’s newest release and follow the artist on social media for updates on new releases. For interviews, reviews and/or collaborations, feel free to reach out through the artist’s email, as well as to book concerts with DICI and DRIP KULTUR.


Drip Kultur is a rising Hip-Hop and Rap recording artist and fashion designer who was born in Indiana but is currently based in Dallas. Growing up, the budding singer-songwriter was always moved to explore his talents- a dream that materialized soon with a string of stirring releases in the Hip Hop genre.

Boasting a number of fashion credits, including the likes of Young Thug, LIL KEED, YoungBloodz, Dc Youngfly, Lil Scrappy, Karlous Miller, Diamond P, DeDaProblem and more, Drip Kultur hopes to make an impact with every form of art he engages in. The artist’s musical imprint was sculpted in 2018, drawing inspiration from icons such as Master P, Jaquavius Coleman, Jay Z, Drake and several others.


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